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  • Pediatric Dentistry in San Antonio
  • Pediatric Dentistry in San Antonio

Pediatric Dentistry

Teeth are your child's most important possession. Therefore, we step in, to inculcate oral responsibility among children and their parents, so that teeth remain attractive and functional for a life-time with minimum treatment. Tooth decay is preventive; all it takes is time and a positive attitude.

  • Preventive dental treatment for kids involves periodic check-ups, oral prophylaxis, pit and fissure sealants, fluoridation of teeth, use of sports guard, habit breaking appliance and space maintainer.
  • Restorative treatment involves fillings or restorations, root canal treatments (for primary and permanent teeth).
  • Early orthodontics for kids includes the use of myo-functional appliances.

Types of dental treatment

Oral Prophylaxis in laymen term is called 'cleaning or polishing of the teeth. In this procedure, scaling and stain removal are done. Plaque and calculus deposits are removed in each tooth surface. Scaling is done using either hand or ultrasonic scalers (instruments use for scaling). Next, polishing removes stains from coffee, tea and other foodstuffs.

A Dental Restoration is also called a filling. It is the repair of damaged or decayed tooth, restoring it back to its normal shape, appearance and function. Baby teeth should be treated to prevent the decay from spreading. Decay can results in the premature loss of teeth, important to reserve the space for the permanent teeth. If baby teeth are lost too early, the adjoining teeth drift into the spaces that are needed for the permanent teeth thereby causing crowding problems because there is insufficient space for the permanent teeth.

Dental Sealants are plastic materials that are applied as coating on the biting surfaces of the teeth. Sealants are painted and quickly harden to form a shield over the tooth. Sealants are preventive dentistry measures because the plastic coating creates a barrier between the tooth and decay-causing bacteria which is found in plaque. Children should get sealants on their permanent molars as soon as the teeth erupt and before decay can attack the teeth. The dental sealant makes it difficult for plaque to stick to the tiny grooves on the biting surfaces of the teeth. This reduces the risk of cavities and tooth abscess.
The procedure is considered "child-friendly" because there is no need for anaesthesia or drilling. Sealants can easily last up to 10 years. But they need to be checked during regular dental check-ups to make sure they are not chipped or worn away. The dentist or dental hygienist can repair sealants by adding more sealant material.

Fluoride Treatment is simple application of fluoride to the dental surfaces, so as to avoid decay. It is a preventive procedure and can be done in both children and adults, though most commonly preferred for kids.

If the deciduous teeth are lost at an early age, the adjacent teeth can drift in the space and can lead to space closure for the permanent tooth. This can lead to malocclusions. Space maintainers are appliances fitted to the teeth to prevent this space loss. They are temporary and removed once the permanent teeth erupt in place.

Habits that are not desirable are Thumb Sucking, Tongue Thrusting, Lip Biting, Nail Biting, mouth breathing and Finger Biting to name a few. Habit breaking appliances are made by dentists to break the habits especially in children. If these habits are allowed to continue, they can result in Gum disease, change in position of the teeth and change in position of the jaws.

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